Mantiden, Phasmiden und andere Wirbellose
Mantids, Phasmids and other invertebrates

Winter break almost over!

We are almost back and reopening our shop shortly. Temperatures are mild at the moment and shipping will be possible again! We will ship out the first parcels of the year from 31.01.2022 onwards. Please make sure for all live insect orders to include 72-heatpack or winterpackage! 

Live insect orders without heatpacks will not be shipped out!


Breeding and Care sheet about different species of Mantids, Phasmids and other invertebrates like Locusts, Cockroaches and more

Zucht und Erfahrungsberichte von verschiedenen Mantiden, Phasmiden und anderen Wirbellosen wie Heuschrecken, Spinnen, Schaben und mehr


female Asiadodis yunannensis

Mysterymantis: Mantids, Phasmids and more, any Question? Feel free to ask!


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