Mantiden, Phasmiden und andere Wirbellose
Mantids, Phasmids and other invertebrates

Mysterymantis Reopening!!!

Starting with the new year 2023, we dont ship to Austria anymore!
All orders from Austria will be refunded!

The temperature, especially at night, are still quite low. Therefore it is highly suggested to include either a Heatpack or a Winter Package to every order that includes living animals!
Otherwise, the risk of shipping without heatpack/winter package is covered by the buyer itself!


Breeding and Care sheet about different species of Mantids, Phasmids and other invertebrates like Locusts, Cockroaches and more

Zucht und Erfahrungsberichte von verschiedenen Mantiden, Phasmiden und anderen Wirbellosen wie Heuschrecken, Spinnen, Schaben und mehr


female Asiadodis yunannensis

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